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Your Company’s Go-To for Custom Thermoformed Packaging

Munot Plastics is located in the Tri-state area and shipping world wide!
Serving clients in areas such as Buffalo, NY, Cleveland, OH, and Pittsburgh, PA.
For all of your custom thermoformed packaging needs, make sure it’s the design that you truly want. Munot is ready to work with you to provide the look, feel, and efficiency in the packaging that you need for your company.

We have been counted on for all kinds of projects over the last 50-plus years, including for big corporations such as the following:
• General Motors • Motorola • Lenox • Dad’s Pet Care • And More!

Our design services include the following:
• New packaging design and development • Fast design concepts • Photorealistic renderings 
• Design communications in a variety of formats • Sample production and short-run production • Reverse engineering
• Project management • 3D Printing
• Fast, Versatile Prototypes • Short-Run and Long-Run Production • Highly-Functional and Well-Formed Products
To learn more about Munot Plastics and what we can do for you, just reach out to our team today!

When you’re in need of branded packaging that suits all of your company’s and products’ needs, rely on Munot. We proudly provide package design thermoforming services to the greater Tri-state area and have service clients in Pittsbugh, PA; Cleveland, OH and the Buffalo, NY areas.

We’d be happy to help you and your company out with package design thermoforming and creating the product that you’ve been wanting. Munot Plastics will gladly ship worldwide! Call us today!
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Our Package Design Thermoforming Options

  • Clamshell Packaging: Choose from Combo, Standard, or Utility clamshells, all of which can be stand-free or hanging. For Standard and Utility, a separate base is also available. 

  • Blister Packaging: Choose from Standard or Unique blister packaging. Both can seal to a card. Standard can also seal together, and Unique can hang or be used with products you’ve already had developed.

  • Trifold Packaging: This molded piece of plastic fits your particular item perfectly, making it more secure. This can stand, as well as hang from a pegboard.

  • Trays: Choose from a Shipping Tray, Multiple Part Products or Insert Trays. Shipping Trays can be stacked with or without products in them and are reusable. Multiple Part Products are ideal for a product that has many parts included or that need to be displayed. Insert Trays are ideal for protecting products and maintaining the proper position of the product inside. 

Call today to custom order your packaging!
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