Is a Plastic Blister Pack or Clamshell Package Better for Your Product?

Is a Plastic Blister Pack or Clamshell Package Better for Your Product?

Thursday Feb 2nd, 2023

At Munot Plastics, we offer both blister packaging and clamshell packaging to showcase your products and keep them safe and secure. Each type of packaging offers tamper-proof plastic packaging while providing an attractive way to display your products. However, many businesses wonder whether a blister pack or clamshell package is better for their product.

Blister Packaging or Clamshell Packaging?

The main difference between a blister pack and a clamshell package is that a blister doesn’t have a hinge. Instead, blisters are usually attached to a paperboard card where the blister secures the product. Blisters are also excellent for showcasing products because they provide clear product visibility.

When deciding between a blister or clamshell package for your products, knowing the most important features and uses for each type is essential. At Munot Plastics, we have been a custom thermoformer of plastic blisters, clamshells, and trays since 1963. 

What Is Blister Packaging?

Blister packaging, more commonly referred to as blister packs, is a thermoformed plastic container that resembles a blister. Plastic manufacturers heat a plastic sheet and mold it into a shape to create a bubble or pocket. 

A face seal blister is a traditional blister pack that has a cardboard back. This cardboard back, known as a “backer,” usually comes from a blister card. The cardboard back is where you can find product information, including product descriptions, safety warnings, and other information typically found on product packages.

Additionally, you can customize your blister into a full-face seal blister or trapped blister packaging. With a full-face seal blister, the packaging surrounds the entire product, including the card backer. A trapped blister pack is similar to a traditional one except for an additional cardboard piece that fits around the blister.

What Products Are Best for Blister Packaging?

When deciding between a blister pack or a clamshell package, a variety of products utilize blister packaging. A wide variety of small consumer goods benefit from some type of blister packaging, including:

  • Tablets, capsules, and other pharmaceutical products
  • Electronic goods and accessories, such as headphones, cables, and USB drives
  • Toothbrushes and dental floss
  • Toys
  • Stationery, including pens, paper clips, and superglue
  • Batteries
  • DIY items, such as nails, screws, nuts, and bolts

What Is Clamshell Packaging?

Clamshell packaging, also known as clamshells, is another type of packaging that doesn’t have a cardboard back. Instead, it has a plastic back hinged to the front of the packaging, at either the side or the base. 

Some clamshell packaging can stand up on shelves, while others have a hole at the top for hanging on racks. This type of packaging may have a button to allow the consumer to open and close it or have a seal from using heat. Moreover, it’s possible to customize clamshells into unique shapes, die cuts, and designs.

What Products Are Best for Clamshell Packaging?

Food products are the most common use for clamshell packaging. For example, sandwiches, bread, salads, and other food products rely on clamshell packaging. 

When considering whether to use a blister pack or clamshell package for your business, it helps to know which products commonly utilize clamshell packaging. Here are some additional products that benefit from clamshell packaging:

  • Light bulb sets
  • Small tool sets
  • Cosmetic sets
  • Gift sets

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