Plastic Blisters

High-Volume Blister Packaging

We manufacture affordable plastic blisters, perfect for showcasing small lightweight products. No matter which type of plastic blister packaging you choose, Munot Plastics is here to help and can handle the entire process! Blister packaging works well with lightweight products and offers a variety of designs for your high-volume blister packaging needs.

Blister Packaging

Businesses with small or high-volume blister packaging requirements turn to us for custom blister packs. We are a top source for preformed plastic containers for retail, automotive, medical, health and beauty, and other sectors.

Blister packs consist of one or more cavities made of thermoformed plastic. The plastic shell has cardboard, aluminum foil, or plastic backing that wraps around the labeling. Different plastics are used depending on the application and your specific needs. Typically, we take a sheet of plastic and use heat and vacuum forming to shape the containers over a mold made to your specifications. Our blister packs are die-cut into the required shape and auto-fed during the production process.

Custom Plastic Blister Packs for Sale

The process of thermoforming shades plastic sheets to make them pliable. This allows us to mold the plastic to specifications using mechanical tools, pressure, and molds. Once the plastic cools, it's ready for use.

You have many choices for shapes and sizes to best display your product. Besides blister packs, the two most popular container types include the following:

Tray: Trays are produced using the same process as blister packs but often hold products in place inside a cardboard or plastic package.

Clamshell: Clamshells have at least one hinge as well as a thermoform blister to fit the product. They come with a flange that extends around the back of the blister card for additional protection and security.

Tamper-Proof Plastic Packaging

High-volume blister packaging is the best process for tamper-proof plastic packaging. Tamper-proof packaging prevents unauthorized opening on the store shelves or warehouses. If someone opens the container it leaves behind obvious damage. This is particularly important in medical packaging.

In order to create tamper-evident packaging, we use materials not readily accessible to the public. We can work with your product developers to create instructions for your customers so they can easily detect tampering. This builds confidence in product safety, which is an important part of any marketing strategy. We can also produce tamper-resistant packaging that helps prevent intrusion. This type of packaging creates protective seals that make it obvious when the packaging has been broken.

Some of the benefits of tamper-proof plastic packaging include the following:

  • Tamper-proof packaging reduces the risk of damage to products. It protects contents of blister packaging through shipping and handling, and throughout the distribution system.
  • Tamper-proof packaging can prevent the accidental opening of packaging during transit. This can prevent accidental damage and improve your profits. ·
  • Tamper-proof packaging promotes safety. Consumers can avoid products that have broken seals, which can prevent liability issues caused by products that have been tampered with.

Build customer loyalty with premium quality packaging your consumers trust.

Wholesale Blister Packaging

Do you need high-volume blister packaging for your commercial products? Turn to Munot Plastics — we have been providing affordable wholesale blister packaging since 1963. We are a midsized family-owned business with a great reputation and many connections in the business. Our purchasing power allows us to pass on savings to our customers.

Come to us for in-house design and full-service thermoform plastic packaging production. Besides high-volume blister packaging, we offer the following advantages over our competitors:

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