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What to Know When Getting Your Project Started

Friday Jul 31st, 2020

Whether you already have a complete concept with drawings, product samples to be packaged, or are starting from square one; Munot Plastics can help walk you through the discovery process to create your full design. This article goes over the information to get your project started.

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Munot Plastics - Find Your Answers With US

Thursday May 21st, 2020

We are all facing unique challenges unlike any of us has experienced. Conferences may be canceled but our commitment to our customers never will.

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Plastic Design for Functionality

Monday Apr 6th, 2020

At Munot, our team is committed to finding the perfect mix of aesthetics, ease of use and experience in every package we design and manufacture. No matter how large or how small, we focus on every detail. From package design trends that help boost brand recall, to frustration-free designs based around ease of use, our in-house design and engineering teams handle all the design, prototyping and tooling for your custom packaging.

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Quality Designs at Munot: Five Reasons Why Nothing Matters More

Monday Feb 3rd, 2020

Munot’s Quality designs are created to not only support your project but to also minimize excess material as we do all we can to provide a cleaner, greener environment. Constantly searching for Green Solutions, our vendors currently offer up to 80% recycled material in their Utility run HIPS, PVC and PET.

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Munot Plastics - Year in Review

Tuesday Dec 31st, 2019

2020 is going to bring continued growth as we kick off some wonderful new relationships that will see Munot capitalize on several capital equipment investment Intended to support outstanding growth. This past year’s investments, have enabled us to increase our capacity, grow our range of capabilities, and focus more on sustainability driving Munot’s ever expanding position as your “GO TO” resource for all your Thermoformed Packaging needs.

We have secured display booths at two National exhibit conferences in 2020 as we expand our industry presence. It is Munot’s goal to share our nearly 60 years of experience by introducing you to more creative and complex packaging designs.

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Thermoform 101

Monday Dec 2nd, 2019

Thermoformed Plastic Packaging plays an essential role in the presentation and protection of Consumer Electronics, Health and Beauty, Medical, Food, Retail and other products prior to use. The clear plastic presentation provides manufacturers the added benefit of displaying valuable product information to your customer helping to both sell the product and support a confident buying decision. Thermoformed Packages also help to prevent “product loss” as the package can be sealed and made tamper resistant.  

Below we will discuss in more detail the process of Thermoforming, Munot Plastic’s 56 years’ experience, and how our proven cost-effective processes have been the choice of consumers across the country.

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