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Plastic Clamshells

Clamshell packaging is an effective and functional packaging medium capable of helping sell your product while maintaining a high level of protection. These hinged packages open from a single side and allow for an eye-catching consumer insert to provide product information as well as complete a package's overall branding.

Munot Plastics can help design packaging that fits your unique product specifications/requirements as well as thermoform the clamshells.


  • Strong visual area for packaging inserts.
  • Can allow viewers to see the individual product.
  • Added security/protection within a retail environment.
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Plastic Blisters

Easy to design, manufacture and affordable - plastic blisters are perfect for showcasing small lightweight products. Trapped blisters are the industry standard for consumer retail products as they are easy to load and seal to paper graphics cards.

No matter which type of plastic blister you choose, Munot Plastics is here to help and can handle the entire process.


  • The product is fully visible and can help market itself.
  • Superior product protection.
  • Cost-effective.
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Thermoformed Trays

Increase your manufacturing cycle by having specially engineered thermoformed trays that are designed to protect and transport your products through the manufacturing process. These trays can safely transport your products between platforms, machines, companies/locations, etc.

Let Munot Plastics in-house team be your full-service designer and thermoformer for all your thermoformed tray needs.


  • Designed around your process.
  • Stackable
  • Reusable

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