Thermoformed Trays

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Munot Plastics manufactures thermoformed trays that are stackable, reusable, and designed around your processes. For quality trays and great fulfillment lead time, contact us today!

Munot Plastics serves a wide range of industries with our custom thermoformed plastic trays and other custom packaging. As a leading thermoformed trays supplier online, we provide customers with a complete lineup of services that includes design prototyping and thermoformed trays production. While you might find other plastic packaging trays online, we feature proprietary tooling that allows us to create trays tailored to your product specifications in every respect. If you're searching for high-quality plastic trays at affordable pricing, we invite you to discuss your packaging project with us.

Thermoformed Trays

As a nationally known thermoformed trays supplier online, Munot Plastics tailors our plastic trays to suit our customers' needs. We provide thermoformed trays for businesses in food, medical, cosmetics, automotive, hardware, and more industries. While we sell packaging trays online, we design and produce our packages at our state-of-the-art facility. We routinely invest in the design tooling and production equipment to support our standing as a top thermoformed trays supplier online.

Thermoformed Plastic Trays

High-quality thermoformed plastic trays from Munot Plastics can be customized to your product's exact packaging requirements. We rely on various design methods for tailoring the packaging to create a secure fit for clients' delicate products and product parts. As with our blister pack mock-ups, we can create a plastic tray prototype and perfect it before moving into the production phase of your packaging production. We rely on materials that are ideally suited to your packaging needs, as well. Throughout the design and production process, we will provide an upfront cost, so there are never any surprises when it comes to pricing.

Our designers will work with you to arrive at a winning design in terms of size, shape, functionality, color, and special design features. We can create plastic trays that can accommodate your products with precision. Designed to withstand abrasion and impact, our thermoformed plastic trays will keep your products safer than generic, non-custom trays.

Thermoformed Trays Online

As a leading online thermoformed trays supplier, Munot Plastics excels at converting our customers' packaging visions into realities. The thermoformed shape is ideal for packaging fragile items that need protection during transportation to market and when stocked on store shelving. We create plastic trays that are designed to support and protect your products. Whether you order our custom thermoformed trays online or our food clamshell packaging, you are making a smart investment for your product. Our packages keep products safe and secure.

Thermoformed Trays Supplier

Munot Plastics is an experienced thermoformed trays supplier online. We partner with clients to ensure we arrive at the best packaging solutions for their products. Our trays are priced affordably, are expertly designed, and durably-constructed for reliable functionality. We've developed a design and production process that allows us to serve clients easily all over the country. We can create and ship a prototype to you for inspection. Once you approve of the design, we can move into production quickly. The sooner you have your packaging, the faster you can deliver your products to the retail space.

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