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Munot Plastics offers top quality and custom design packaging for retail. For packaging mockups of plastic blisters, clamshells, and trays, contact us today. We specialize in custom design, packaging, and fulfillment!

Product Package Design

Our product package design team handles all the details to give you a unique packaging solution that displays your product to the best effect. With photo-realistic renderings, you find out exactly how the finished product will look. Full tool design and prototyping capabilities make us the obvious partner for your samples and short-run production requirements. Do you have customized packaging that you would like us to reverse engineer and reproduce? Our product package design experts can get the look you want to represent your brand.

We also provide project management to help you track the progress of your order from the first consultation through to the first run.

Best Packaging Design

We've been helping businesses find the right package design for their products since 1963. Each industry brings special challenges to the table. Here are some of the industries we work with on a regular basis:

  • Automotive
  • Consumer electronics
  • Health and beauty
  • Hardware
  • Retail
  • Medical

Whatever your business is, our business makes it easier for consumers to notice your products on retail shelves.

Packaging Mockups

What good is a packaging provider if they can't deliver packaging mockups for clamshells, blister packs, and trays? With over six decades in the business, we can take your concept, create a workable drawing for your approval, and submit a prototype for your review.

As a premier blister pack supplier, we pride ourselves on creating customized solutions for your applications. Our size and connections in the business give us greater purchasing power than some of the largest blister pack suppliers in the market today. We keep our overhead low, so we can help you meet your budget.

Clamshell Design for Retail

As a full-service blister pack supplier, we offer a variety of design options. Clamshell designs for retail products secure items in place and allow for easy labeling and a 360-degree view of the product.

Our facilities support multiple product placement preferences, including hangers and round, small or large packaging solutions. Thermoforming gives us great flexibility for product package design. When determining the design that works best for your product, start with the hinge length, type, and placement, and base other selection criteria around this critical decision. Next, consult with our engineers to choose a clamshell package flange that secures the product during display and transport but also makes it easy for the consumer to open.

Custom Packaging Design

Showcase your products with a respected blister pack supplier that focuses on customer satisfaction. From product packaging services to product packaging fulfillment, we can guide you through the process to get an aesthetically pleasing solution for your products.

Our product package design helps you secure your product for easy inventory management. We are the right blister pack supplier for businesses interested in blending their brand image into every facet of their product. How you package your product matters, and you deserve a blister pack supplier that delivers attractive packages that enhance your marketing.

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