Plastic Clamshells

Custom Clamshell Packaging Supplier

Munot Plastics manufactures plastic clamshell packaging and fully understands the logistical challenges our customers face. Our packaging fits your unique product specifications as well as thermoforming clamshells properly.

As a leading custom clamshell packaging supplier, Munot Plastics provides all design and production services under one roof. If you need custom clamshell packaging, thermoformed plastic trays, or tamper-proof blister packaging, you can rely on our talented team of package prototype designers and production specialists. We routinely provide custom plastic clamshell packaging for a wide range of industries, including food, electronics, cosmetics, medical, hardware, and automotive. When you hire us to be your custom clamshell packaging supplier, you can expect boutique-level customer service at fair, upfront pricing.

Plastic Clamshell Packaging

Plastic clamshell packaging and plastic clamshell containers keep your product protected during transport to warehouses or retail spaces and when situated on store shelves. As a custom clamshell packaging supplier, we know that each package has to perform optimally to keep products from spoiling (in the case of food or pharmaceuticals) and hold them securely in place, so they don't break.

When you contact us for service, we begin by developing a plastic clamshell packaging prototype. We focus on your exact specifications when designing each clamshell case or package. Our designers take the mystery out of the design process so you can provide your input each step of the way. It's how we develop the best plastic clamshell containers to suit our customers' most precise needs.

Hinged Clamshell Packaging

Hinged clamshell packaging is a popular package design because it's so useful for several product types. Whether you're selling nuts and bolts or nuts and candies, hinged clamshell packaging may be the most effective packaging solution for your products. As a custom clamshell packaging supplier, we can help you pinpoint the best design for your product as part of our services. We feature proprietary tooling that helps us develop packaging quickly and helps you get your products to market as fast as possible.

Plastic Clamshell Containers

As the go-to custom clamshell packaging supplier for various industries, Munot Plastics produces plastic clamshell containers in multiple sizes and designs. We form this packaging with transparent plastic so that customers can see your product even while it's completely protected during transportation and when stocked on store shelves. Our tamper-proof designs keep your products secure.

Food Clamshell Packaging

Munot Plastics develops food clamshell packaging for a wide range of food products. As a custom clamshell packaging supplier, we specialize in food clamshell packaging that meets industry safety regulations. Each package is transparent, tamper-proof, and sealed in accordance with the product's needs.

Our designers and production team work closely with you and your team to develop a prototype that suits each of your specifications. We can choose materials as well as a design that is best for your product. Once you select the prototype, we can move into production. We keep our clients informed about costs upfront and communicate with them at all stages. We have a state-of-the-art facility that brims with the most innovative design and production equipment our industry affords. Contact us and let's discuss your product and packaging needs.

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