SQF Certified

SQF Certified 

At Munot Plastics, we are dedicated to offering the highest-quality packaging solutions for our clients. To ensure that every product we produce is safe for storing and transporting food, we are proud to be Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified.

What Is the SQF Program?

The SQF program is a comprehensive and rigorous food safety and quality management certification system recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). It is administered by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) and is designed to ensure food safety and improve the quality of food products through a multitude of industry-specific codes and strict regulations. Industries from food manufacturing and packaging to pet food and store retailers recognize this program.

The SQF food safety program includes the SQF food safety code, SQF quality code, and several other SQF codes that establish standards for all steps of the food supply chain. This internationally recognized system uses the SQF assessment database to track compliance with these food safety standards, contributing to enhanced trust and confidence in SQF-certified products throughout the global food industry.

How Does a Business Become SQF Certified?

To obtain SQF certification, a business must first assign an SQF practitioner, an individual trained in the SQF food safety code, who will guide the organization in implementing the necessary system elements for certification. The business then prepares for its initial certification audit by either an SQF auditor or a certification body, both accredited by the SQFI. This audit, often preceded by a pre-audit, evaluates the effectiveness of the company's food safety system and ensures that it complies with all SQF food safety standards.

Following a successful audit, the auditor submits an audit report to the SQF assessment database, and the certification body issues the SQF certificate if all SQF requirements are met. The certified sites are then subject to surveillance SQF audits to ensure continuous compliance with the SQF food safety program and its codes. The SQF certifications, visible on the packaging of food products, signify adherence to the highest food safety standards.

The Importance of Food Safety

Food safety is at the core of the SQF program. By requiring comprehensive documentation and regular audits by certified bodies, the SQF program assures that businesses are consistently meeting these high food safety standards.

It is through this thorough dedication to food safety that the SQF program not only protects consumers, but also enhances the credibility of certified businesses. In an era where food safety incidents can seriously damage a brand's reputation, achieving SQF certification is a proactive way to demonstrate commitment to high-quality and safe food production.

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Achieving SQF certification is a mark of excellence — and one of the many reasons why Munot Plastics is among the most trusted packaging suppliers in the industry. Regardless of the package we design for you,  you can have confidence that it adheres to all SQF standards and will keep your food safe for consumption during transportation and storage.

To learn more information regarding our SQF certification, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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