A1 Diamond Polishing Services

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A1 Diamond Polished Tools

The demand for precise plastic parts, especially in packaging, is increasing. To meet this demand, Munot Plastics offers A1 diamond polishing services, which provide the highest quality appearance, texture, and feel of the end product. For the best presentation of their items, businesses can rely on our company’s use of A1 diamond polished tools to manufacture shiny, clear plastic packaging.

What Is A1 Diamond Polish?

Diamond polishing is the process of smoothing and neatening plastic surfaces to improve the appearance and feel of the finish. To achieve this high-quality finish, A1 diamond polishing is used during the final stage of manufacturing. It produces products with a glossy, mirror-like finish and has the lowest roughness average (or RA) value across plastic polishing processes. It can also achieve all ANSI polishing finishes and create a professional appearance that makes the product stand out.

Our A1 diamond polishing services involve loading the plastic packaging into a device with a rotating diamond-tipped cutter. The cutter shaves off a small amount of the material to smooth the surface, removing burrs and sharp edges. The finished package has an attractive appearance that will complement your products.

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Benefits of A1 Diamond Polishing

Even though A1 diamond polishing services provide the highest quality finishes in plastic manufacturing, not every manufacturer offers this service. Fortunately, our customers can enjoy all the benefits of A1 diamond polishing when they partner with us. These benefits include:

  • Removing machine and process marks
  • Removing surface imperfections from molding and plastics finishing procedures
  • Helping with surface tension and easing the release from thermoforming ejection molds
  • Reducing drag and pulling on molded parts, resulting in a high quality, shiny finish
  • Removing high and low spots on the molding surfaces
  • Allowing for better cooling by transmitting temperatures for contact cooling
  • Making the plastic blister, clamshell, or tray and the item aesthetically pleasing

We ensure each plastic blister, clamshell, and tray meets these quality standards after they’ve been through the diamond polishing process. If the plastic packaging doesn’t meet these standards, we will start again to guarantee our customers will receive a finished product that complements their branding.

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Types of Finishes

Surface finishing gives the molded part a specific look, texture, and feel. It can affect the appearance and performance of your product because the packaging serves both a functional and cosmetic purpose.

There are a variety of options for plastic finishes. Depending on the final look you wish to achieve, you may choose from one of these finishes:

  • High Shine Finish: This high-gloss finish is produced by A1 diamond polishing. It’s perfect for products that require shiny, high-end packaging. It can also be used along with thermoform tooling.
  • Semi-Glossy Finish: With a semi-gloss finish, machining, molding, and tooling marks are removed, but the final appearance will not be as mirror-like as the surface finish from A1 diamond polishing.
  • Matte Finish: This type of finish hides manufacturing marks but is rougher than the previous two finishes, leaving the packaging with a flat appearance.
  • Bead Blast Finish: For a rougher look, bead blasting can be used on the mold. This creates a textured surface on the mold, resulting in a dull or flat finish on the final packaging product. This textured finish is also available for thermoform tooling.

Outsource Your Manufacturing to Munot

For almost six decades, our in-house team has been designing and manufacturing thermoformed trays, blister packaging, and plastic clamshells for various industries. Businesses of all sizes rely on our design and production services to produce custom packaging that aligns with their branding. Now, tooling companies can also outsource their manufacturing to us, enjoying several of the same benefits of our precise capabilities.

In addition to our 3D CAD product designs and CNC machining processes, we also offer A1 diamond polishing services. A1 diamond polishing is a premium grade of thermoforming polishing, and not every manufacturer provides it. Your tooling company can provide quality and impressive on-brand packaging by partnering with our in-house design and production team.

Quality Tools for Premium Packaging Finishes

At Munot Plastics, we understand that the final product is only as good as the tools used to make it. That’s why we offer A1 diamond polishing services to customers looking for shiny, smooth packaging for their products. Contact us today to learn more about our A1 diamond polishing process and see if it’s right for your brand.

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