Munot Plastics - Year in Review

Munot Plastics - Year in Review

Tuesday Dec 31st, 2019

2019 has been an incredible year for Munot Plastics thanks to you, our valued partners!

2020 is going to bring continued growth as we kick off some wonderful new relationships that will see Munot capitalize on several capital equipment investments intended to support outstanding growth. This past year’s investments, have enabled us to increase our capacity, grow our range of capabilities, and focus more on sustainability driving Munot’s ever-expanding position as your “GO TO” resource for all your Thermoformed Packaging needs.

We have secured display booths at two National exhibit conferences in 2020 as we expand our industry presence. It is Munot’s goal to share our nearly 60 years of experience by introducing you to more creative and complex packaging designs.

Equipment & Technology

With the goal of increasing production and efficiency, we invested in several new machines and software this year. This updated technology means we can offer customers a wider variety of packaging sizes, as well as an improved range of packaging thicknesses and dimensions. The increase in capacity enables us to deliver a better range of products faster - allowing us to meet even tighter deadlines to exceed your expectations.

Increased Tooling Accuracy & Speed

Munot’s NEW CNC and supporting high-speed machining software have significantly increased the accuracy, speed, durability and thermal characteristics of Your Custom Molds. The new CNC also allows Munot’s customers the added peace of mind offered through our “core model” redundancies seen in all areas of manufacturing. Your net result…higher quality products, as well as significantly reducing lead times.

New Blister & Clamshell Packaging

In 2019 we again expanded our Thermoforming Lines to 11 by adding an additional, state of the art, SENCORP 2500…the workhorse of the Thermoforming Industry. Engineered to form Blister’s Clamshells and Trays for use in consumer, electronics, cosmetics, personal care, and engineered product packaging, this new 2500 has a massive maximum mold size of 30 x 60”. The large platform 2500 directly impacts cycle times, number of potential cavities, larger product needs all while reducing your costs.  


Munot Plastics is committed to Sustainable Plastic Manufacturing by continually searching for ways of minimizing waste. The most significant addition to this commitment is a high-efficiency grinder capable of processing 1,100 lbs. of plastic scrap per hour which is then recycled and put back into use.

Looking Ahead to 2020

Munot Plastics is starting 2020 off in full stride with increased capabilities and capacity designed to support every customer and project. Munot is a well-oiled Thermoform Packaging Expert.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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