Plastic Design for Functionality

Plastic Design for Functionality

Monday Apr 6th, 2020

What makes packaging not only functional, but beautiful?

At Munot, our team is committed to finding the perfect mix of aesthetics, ease of use and experience in every package we design and manufacture. No matter how large or how small, we focus on every detail. From package design trends that help boost brand recall, to frustration-free designs based around ease of use, our in-house design and engineering teams handle all the design, prototyping and tooling for your custom packaging.


Your package has to look aesthetically pleasing to attract customer attention, yes, but if the package doesn’t perform to its specifications and customers aren’t able to intuitively and easily open it, it doesn’t matter how beautiful it is.

We first take into consideration how your package must function - and what performance boxes must be “checked” in order for the package to best tell your story. Grabbing your customer’s attention weather on the shelf in the store isle or in an sterile surgical procedure is critical.

Plastic Clamshells
Plastic Blisters
Thermoformed Trays

Form is also about both purpose and aesthetics. Options like clamshells, blisters and trays are not just considered for their looks. Each serves a purpose.


Clamshells, for example, are ideal for customers with products that require a high level of protection within a retail environment but also a high level of product visibility and company branding. We can custom design these to any specifications.


Blisters are industry standard for consumer retail products - perfect for showcasing small, lightweight products. They’re cost effective, offer full product visibility and provide excellent product protection against retail theft.

Thermoformed Trays

Thermoformed plastic trays are a widely used solution for general merchandise packaging applications, high-performance medical and electronic packaging, work-in-process handling trays and shipping trays.

Stackable, reusable and completely customizable, Thermoformed Trays are designed around your process.


At Munot, we understand consumer experience and how it relates to brand awareness. We know it’s just as important as frustration-free product packaging. We have a wide range of capabilities to accommodate your company’s branding needs, including embossing your logo or unique message directly into tooling. If it can be done with a Thermoform, Munot can do it.


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