What Is an SQF Certification & Why It’s a Must-Have for Food Packaging Companies

What Is an SQF Certification & Why It’s a Must-Have for Food Packaging Companies

Monday May 22nd, 2023

All brand owners — especially those in an industry as complex as food processing — must be aware of the quality of their products. One way to ensure the safety of your company is by getting quality credentials like the Safe Quality Food Program (SQF) certification. This globally recognized certification automatically puts your company at the top of the consumer packaged goods industry, proving your ability to provide high-quality packaging that ensures the safety of distributed food products. Delve into the importance of SQF certifications and what makes them a must-have for your food packaging company. 

What Does it Mean to Be SQF Certified?

Recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), SQF codes and regulations are designed to help ensure products meet customer needs and regulatory requirements. SQF criteria is a rigorous process that helps companies create comprehensive food safety management systems and provides an annual audit to ensure safe and sustainable practices are in play. Passing audits provides a certification that allows facilities to prove their trustworthiness in various aspects of the food production industry, including primary production, manufacturing, retail, direct food contact packaging, food storage, food distribution, and the quality of foods. Additional food safety and quality organizations include animal feed and pet food manufacturing, agricultural packing houses, farming, and catering operations.

The Advantages of SQF Certifications

SQF certifications offer many advantages for those searching for quality organizations to partner with in the food industry. SQF immediately displays a level of satisfaction and safety that isn’t easily reached. It highlights a specific commitment to food quality, distribution, and transportation that customers need. SQF processes help to make production safer and more manageable, and visiting a production facility will immediately highlight the benefits of SQF plans. Employees will put safety above all else, and you’ll see products like hair nets in use and conveniently placed handwashing and cleaning stations, depending on the facility. 

How Food Packaging and Production Companies Can Become SQF Certified

From creating thermoformed trays to developing new shipping containers or docks, SQF can completely change how production companies work. That certainly rings true for food packaging and production companies. The vigorous process grants food packaging companies an SQF certificate with an evaluation of their current operations by highlighting deficiencies and recommending improvements. From there, thorough training and assessments will be given to each SQF applicant with an eye on eventually meeting compliance markers. By passing two final audits, companies will then be awarded their SQF certification. 


Of course, this process is much easier said than done, and detailed audits will contain extensive reviews of documentation, company policies, food packaging processes, and equipment and cleanliness, among the many other factors considered. Because of this, seeing an SQF logo makes a world of difference, giving clients the assurance that their food will be adequately packaged. 

Partner With Munot Plastics — An SQF Certified Food Packaging Company

Trust Munot Plastics for your food packaging production needs. Our SQF-certified organization pairs quality with trust in the best way possible, guaranteeing the finest food package production and service in the industry. Put your faith in our facility to handle your packaging and design as we utilize various materials and our proprietary packaging prototype tooling to guarantee an incomparable level of service. 

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