Product Packaging Fulfillment

The right product packaging fulfillment service can help you get customers their items intact, on time, and safe! Whether you're running an e-commerce store or you need items to be shelf-ready, we have the product packaging fulfillment to suit our unique needs. We work with you to ensure that your product production runs on time and that all your wholesale and retail deliveries arrive safely.

As a family-owned and operated company, we believe in the value of relationships with our clients. We are more than just a third-party packaging company that you hire to do a job. We are a firm believer that timely delivery of your products in secure packaging is a vital part of your overall success, as it demonstrates to your customers that you value their safety and the integrity of your goods.


Packaging Production Lead Time

Labeling requirements and changes in how the law requires goods to be packaged make your choice of a product packaging fulfillment company critical. With Munot Plastics, you'll receive our professional service and expert advice on the right type of packaging for everything you sell.

For example, lightweight packaging makes it cheaper to ship your products, which means you can pass along shipping savings to your customers. Transparent packaging allows customers to see and touch the product without damaging it so that they are confident in buying.

Labeling is also important — whatever our customer sees on the product packaging can influence their buying decisions. For example, if you're selling a specialty product that is organic, non-GMO, or allergen-free, it is critical that your customers are aware.

We have packaging production lead times that allow your customers to get their goods — fast! Because we are experts in the packaging industry, we understand how to package your products according to government regulations quickly.


Wholesale Product Packaging Delivery

Warehousing your products can get expensive, and you can't make money when your goods are sitting around waiting to be packaged and shipped. Therefore, we offer fast wholesale product packaging delivery services, which allows you to have your orders on time, every time.

We also offer various wholesale packaging solutions for you to complete packaging on your own, for specialty items, or unusually shaped gods. From sturdy corrugated cardboard boxes to bubble wrap and secure clear wrap, there is an optimal kind of packaging for any product. Plus, with competitive pricing, our product packaging costs are the best in the industry! We can help you reduce your overhead with the right packaging at the right price.


Specialty Packaging For Your Specific Needs

Some products require specific kinds of packaging for safety and security. For example, blister packaging, also known as tamper-proof packaging, is important for medications, food, and cleaning supplies. It ensures that the product is not tampered with in the store or warehouse and keeps it safe from children.

Child-resistant blister packaging is growing in popularity, not just to prevent children from accessing things they shouldn’t, but to give customers peace of mind that their items are well-protected. Our high-volume blister packaging helps reduce the risk of anything being opened unsafely.

Hinged clamshell packaging is another popular type of packaging, especially for food. If you are making items to go, or if you're a purveyor of fresh produce, clamshells are a great way to protect delicate items and allow customers to get a full view of the items inside. Munot Plastics has all shapes and sizes of clamshells to meet any need.


Get Started with Munot Today

We are a family-owned and operated business, serving our clients since 1963. In this time, we have refined our product packaging fulfillment process while still keeping everything in-house, passing our savings along to more competitive prices for our clients. Whatever your product packaging needs, we’ve got you covered! For more information, reach out to us today.


Our trained staff of technicians continuously work to better our production methods, keep up with the latest trends and methods, and always research the industry innovations.

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